Swedish Nationals Production/Classic/Revolver 2017

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Swedish Nationals Production/Classic/Revolver 2017

Viesti Kirjoittaja Taisto Takkumaki » Pe Helmi 10, 2017 09:30

Dear RD:s in Nordic Countries,

RJPS will arrange the Swedish Championship in Production/Classic/Revolver during 22-23 July.
The match has been official for a long time and the registration has been ongoing for a while and I have noticed that there is very few “Non Swedish shooters” in the competitors list.
As you know there is a possibility for each Nordic Country to have a number of slots defined for this type of competition.
If you have a team that you would like to prioritize please see through that these shooters register before 15/2 and also let Tuomas Koli know your prioritized shooters before this date as well.

You find the match at SSI here:

You can reach Tuomas at the e-mail address above in the cc: field

Björn Svensson
IPSC Sverige
072-514 31 25
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