Danish Handgun Championship 2018

Tänne ilmoitetaan kilpailukutsut ja muut tapahtumat ulkomailla.

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Taisto Takkumaki
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Danish Handgun Championship 2018

Viesti Kirjoittaja Taisto Takkumaki » Ma Maalis 05, 2018 09:52

Dear all,

With reference to the lastest agreement I've been able to find regarding national IPSC championships (from 2016), we hereby offer 4 slots in Revolver and 4 in Classic to each of the Nordic Regions.

Signup for the reserved slots for the Nordic regions will be at


and will commence on friday march 9th at 20:00 CET and end on friday march 16th. Main signup will begin on monday march 19th.

I apologize for the short period of warning, and compressed time period, but I only received confirmation on our bid for the two divisions today.

Please note that we must receive payment for the slots no later than 3 weeks after the signup is received (as stated in the attached invitation), failing which the slots will be released.
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