IPSC President letter 5-2012

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Taisto Takkumaki
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IPSC President letter 5-2012

Viesti Kirjoittaja Taisto Takkumaki » To Touko 03, 2012 08:15

This weekend I am attending the 10th Anniversary of the Columbus Cup Match which first took place 10 years ago right here in Guatemala City. I am looking forward to the reunion.

A couple of years ago we began a three phase project to provide us with the strategy and the steps to accomplish our goals of taking IPSC to the next level. Phase I started with revamping our IPSC website and upgrading the programs. Phase II involved not only the whole social media mix which, I might add, has some really impressive numbers, but also to streamline match information and match registration.

This year we are ready to move into Phase III which is taking what we have done in Phases I and II and making a template regional web site for any Region to use as it wishes. The idea is to make it a free turnkey website that would easily be self-administered by the Region. Think of it as a house. We would build the house with all the necessary rooms...bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, family room, living room, den, as well as the plumbing and electric...and give the house keys to the Region which would only need to furnish and decorate.

The second part of Phase III will be a match website for Level III matches. The same idea as the Region's web site above and even more comprehensive. It would include features such as competitor self-registration (with RD approvals) and a possibility of offering a payment module to allow competitors to securely make payments to the Region when they register for a slot.

We hope to have a couple of beta testing examples up and running in the next couple of months. In the meantime, if any Region would like to take part in beta testing Phase III, just drop me a note.

Within the next couple of weeks, Regions should be receiving a couple of questionnaires. One will be questions from Marco Hernandez about the Phase III web site information and the other from Dimitrios Tzimas asking about the organization and structure of each Region. These questions will be a instrumental in the overall development process.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Robert (Bob) Chittleborough to the IROA committee as IROA Secretary. Bob will bring to the committee not only many years of experience but the same organizational skills he used in coordinating our various rulebooks. No doubt Regional Directors will also be hearing from Bob soon.

Signing off from Guatemala...

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