Junior ampujalle tukea asevalmistajalta

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Junior ampujalle tukea asevalmistajalta

Viesti Kirjoittaja Vesa Vasara » Pe Loka 18, 2013 14:24

Hi folks,

A major gun manufacturer (don't ask, because I don't want people annoying them!) contacted me today and said they are interested in sponsoring between two and five promising Junior competitors. I didn't go into details, but I presume it means giving them one or more free (and very sexy!) handguns plus parts support.

The candidates should already be participating on the IPSC match circuit, and have placed reasonably highly at a major match. Although IPSC Juniors are anyone under 21, they'd obviously prefer not to have someone who will only be a Junior for only 1 or 2 years more.

If you have a suitable candidate in your Region, please contact me by email (pinto@ipsc.org) with details.