Kilpailuaiheisia artikkeleita IPSC World julkaisuun

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Kilpailuaiheisia artikkeleita IPSC World julkaisuun

Viesti Kirjoittaja Taisto Takkumaki » Ma Huhti 23, 2012 07:24

Dear Regional Directors,

It is my pleasure to contact you on a couple of subjects.

First, to let you know that the latest issue of IPSCWorld digital magazine is available online. We hope you enjoy it.

We are having excellent success with the magazine and our social media strategies (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our own Global Village). The numbers are most encouraging but we know this is an ever changing world so we must continue to be relevant.

IPSC has great matches and I feel we should be using our social media to show millions of people around the world what IPSC is all about… This is my second reason for writing. We want to showcase your matches!

How? Well, it's easy... Just send me information about your Level III matches. We will make your match information available to thousands (maybe even millions) of people.

When you setup a Level III match send me the information. We will do the rest.

We will need-

1) Match name and location
2) Dates
3) Match website (if available)
4) Match logo in high resolution (if available)
5) Any information like; organizers, sponsors, stages, etc.
6) For completed matches: GREAT photos (action, teams, stages, winners, ceremonies, etc.), videos (raw file if possible or link to online posting like YouTube)

Let's show off IPSC!

All content can be sent directly to me at

We want to hear your comments and suggestions. If you have an idea how we can improve, we want to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and attention. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Marco Hernandez
Communications and Media Director

Jos jutun teko sujuu, niin kynä sauhuamaan. ;)
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