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L3 kilpailujen sanktionnissa muutoksia

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 09:33
by Max Käär
A new step was add to the process of Sanctioning.

Please, inform your NROI Chairman that from now on, all Level III and up will need to submit a `Post Match Report`, after the results are posted.

He must delegate either Stats, MD or RD to submit the Post Match Report, after they submit the Match Results.

All the Range Officers working on that match will not be able to register their points if this step is not done.

Those are the steps:

1. Place the match in the IPSC Calendar
2. Obtain Match Sanctioning
3. Submit Match Results
NEW STEP: Submit a Post Match Report ( mandatory )

You can see the whole process at this page :
RM raportti pohja on päivitetty materiaalisalkkuun.